I am a fiction director and writer. I also work as a Director's Assistant, 1st and 3rd AD.
I was born and raised in Oxford but now live in London. I have experience as a videographer, editor and content writer, as well as having experience in social media and marketing.

I have been directing short films since age 17, my first short 'June Gloom' telling the story of 2 cynical teens who poison their entire class at a school disco by spiking the punch bowl (Ghost World meets Carrie). During my philosophy degree, I spent more time on set than in libraries. I have spent the last 7 years gaining experience on professional and student sets as an AD, as well as directing the odd theatre production and music video. In 2019, I travelled Southeast Asia shooting promotional videos for hostels and charities in Bali and Myanmar. I'm currently based in Ealing, where I'm finishing my MA directing at the Met Film School. I'm passionate about music and contemporary comedy, and, inspired by the cinema of Greta Gerwig and Andrea Arnold, I hope to tell compelling, untold stories in a unique and expressive way. My last short was BBC-commissioned The Clinic, a satirical comedy about a sexual health clinic waiting room. This year I worked under David Kerr (Inside No. 9, Fresh Meat) as an assistant on a new Netflix series, and I'm developing a music video concept for an up and coming electronic music producer.


I currently work as a freelance videographer and editor. Outside of my creative life, I love cooking, surfing and yoga!


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Directing Shorts



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Social Media

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Questions, commissions and confessions...

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