I am a fiction director and writer. I also work as a Director's Assistant, 1st AD and Floor Runner.
I was born and raised in Oxford but now live in London. I have experience as a videographer, editor and content writer, as well as having experience in social media and marketing.

I have been producing and curating both music and film events for the past few years.

I have been producing and directing short films since age 17, my first short 'June Gloom' telling the story of 2 cynical teens who poison their entire class at a school disco by spiking the punch bowl (Ghost World meets Carrie). During my philosophy undergraduate degree, I spent more time on set than in libraries. I have spent the last 7 years gaining experience on professional and student sets as an AD, as well as directing theatre productions and music videos. I'm currently based in East London, where I'm working as a Floor Runner on a new Working Title Feature Film, Polite Society. I'm passionate about music and contemporary comedy, and, inspired by the cinema of Greta Gerwig and Andrea Arnold, I hope to tell compelling, untold stories in a unique and expressive way. My last short was BBC-commissioned The Clinic, a satirical comedy about a sexual health clinic waiting room. Last year I worked under David Kerr (Inside No. 9, Fresh Meat) as an assistant on a new Netflix series.

Last year I hosted a multi-disciplinary creative showcase which platformed the work of women and people of colour, including short films, jazz and DJ sets.


 Outside of my professional life, I love cooking, DJing, surfing and yoga!


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Directing Shorts



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Social Media

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Questions, commissions and confessions...

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