My Work

I typically direct short dramas and music videos, but I have experience shooting dance, documentary and promotional videos.

My latest short, The Clinic, will be released on BBC iPlayer later this year as part of the BBC New Creatives commissions.

Strong female leads are at the core of my narratives, and social issues drive my passion for my filmmaking to have an impact.

Aside from directing, I primarily work as an Assistant Director and Production Assistant, but have experience as a Producer and Camera Assistant. I have my own Lumix camera, but am confident shooting on BlackMagic and RED,  editing mostly in Premiere Pro.

In freelance life, I have shot and edited short promotional videos for predominantly small organisations and NGOs, including a dance charity for those with Parkinson’s disease, an startup against food waste, and an eco-hostel and yoga studio. Since many of my projects have been self-shot, lit and edited, I am confident with basic lighting and camera operation, but very used to working within a larger team on bigger jobs. 
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