Social Media & Marketing

I have led events marketing and distribution for several organisations and publications, across social platforms. I have created social videos for clients, developing brand tone and understanding the technical requirements for different formats, as well as the basics of SEO and marketing analytics. I am experienced in working to a brief and collaborating within restrictions imposed by brand requirements.

I have experience managing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for film organisations, independent publications and creative projects, having built several from scratch. 


Content Writing

I have a range of experiences in journalism, from an independent student magazine to a fast-paced, high-output London office. Studying Philosophy at Oxford taught me how to write concisely and articulately. I have written articles for the Cherwell (student magazine), PHASER (Oxford's music and fashion magazine) and Sick Love Zine (an artistic zine by young creatives).



I've always been enamoured with film, inspired by contemporary arthouse cinema, as well as music, travelling and reading. Studying philosophy honed my thirst for enquiry, and I'm intrigued by the ways in which creatives can question and subvert cinematic conventions. I'm a passionate feminist, while sustainability, racial equality and gender expression remain at the heart of my stories. For me, doing film is about finding beautiful and unique ways to explore underrepresented narratives. This year, I would like to collaborate with DJs and musicians to build multi-dimensional events which platform films, music and other art forms.